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Our Rum Cocktail Recipes

Learn how to reimagine classic cocktails and unlock the secret to exceptional rum cocktails with Brugal. Whether it’s a Rum Negroni as the perfect aperitif, or a Rum Old Fashioned to complete an evening – our range of sipping cocktail recipes offer something for every occasion.

Our aged rum based cocktails are crafted with the highest quality ingredients to bring out the best in our premium double aged sipping rum, Brugal 1888, while our rum drink recipes teach you the best way to make some of your favourite cocktails using our whole range of Brugal rum.

Discover how to craft cocktails perfect for sharing with your loved ones from your home bar with our simple yet special Brugal rum cocktails.


Our Brugal 1888 aged rum drink recipes


Dominican Double Manhattan Rum cocktail with Brugal 1888


The most famous cocktail in the world, now elevated with barrel aged rum. Discover all the ingredients you need.
Brugal Negroni Dominicana No Bottle


Bitterness and citrus combined with sipping rum produces a flavour that lingers longer on your palate and leaves you wanting more.
Don Nano's Favourite Cocktail

Rum Old Fashioned

Carefully craft this classic cocktail composed of spirit, sugars, bitters and water, reimagined with rum.


Our other rum cocktail recipes


Extra Viejo Serve Lemonade

Brugal Extra Viejo Santo Libre

Fill a tall glass with ice and pour 50 ml of Brugal Extra Viejo. Squeeze in a fresh lemon wedge and top with Lemon Soda. Stir and garnish with lemon wedge.
Anejo Serve Cola

Brugal Anejo & Coca Cola

Fill a tall glass with ice and pour 50 ml of Brugal Anejo. Squeeze in a fresh lime wedge and top with Coca Cola. Stir and garnish with lime wedge.
Blanco Serve Mojito

Brugal Blanco Mojito

Crush the mint leaves, lime quarters and sugar. Add 50ml of Brugal Blanco and fill the glass with ice. Top with club soda, stir and garnish with lime.